Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eyes to See

A coworker brought Watcher of the Dark, the third book in Joseph Nassise's Jeremiah Hunt series, to my attention about a week ago. The premise sounded amazing, but I wanted to start at the beginning of the trilogy. And so I put a hold on Eyes to See, starting it pretty much when I got it.

Eyes to See is the story of Hunt's search for his daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth went missing five years ago, and Hunt has done everything in his power to find her. As he got more and more desperate thanks to the lack of leads, he stumbled on an ancient ritual that allowed him to see the ghosts all around him at the expense of his actual eyesight. Now effectively blind in bright light, he instead uses his ghostly allies to function and continue the search for his daughter.

The premise alone hooked me, but the book itself largely didn't disappoint. I didn't like some of the interactions between Hunt and the other characters (especially some of the stuff with Denise, although I really liked how Nassise switched from first person to third for her sections). But the ghosts and the world are all really cool. So overall, I was impressed; I can't wait to get my hands on book 2!

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