Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The List 2011 Update

Last year was my worst reading year since starting this blog in 2008. Back then I made 59 posts so read almost that many books in half a year. In 2010 the number was only 51 for the entire year, which made me incredibly sad (and most of them were school books. Although I didn't seem to have much luck with the non school books I read over the summer). Couple that with the List exploding to 160 books (and I don't know how many nonfiction books I have right now) and I am really sad. But on the positive side, as I mentioned in the post on The Roaring Girl, I have only one term left of my MA, so that means I am almost finished reading school books for a long time (I don't want to say forever because I don't know if this really is the end of school for me forever)! I am a bit worried that this number will get way bigger now that I have the Kindle, but I'll deal with that when it comes. I am considering going through the List though and getting rid of things I probably won't enjoy (like some of the romance novels I've picked up from the library book sales). I don't like doing that though because sometimes books surprise you when you read them. So that's how things stand right now. I might try to utilize the anthologies I have stocked up for when I really need a break from school reading (which is what all the anthologies were for - I stocked up on them when I thought I was going into Psychology, not English). Well, hopefully I'll be able to start knocking the List back down soon!

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