Monday, June 18, 2012

Library Books: Owly

When I was at work I discovered Owly.  Owly is a series of graphic novels the library has purchased for children.  They're incredibly simple books with very few words but they are the cutest things I've seen in a long time!  I snagged both volumes 1 and 2 and have read volume 1 twice already!

Owly is an owl who just wants to make friends with the various birds of the forest. Unfortunately he's an owl, and so the little birds are terrified of him.  The Way Home tells the story of how he saved and befriended Wormy; now the two are inseperable.

The Bittersweet Summer, which is also included in volume 1, is the story of Owly and Wormy meeting Tiny and Angel, two hummingbirds who hang out in Owly's garden.  They have a great time until autumn comes and the two hummingbirds must migrate; Owly is devestated to lose his friends!

The second volume, Just a Little Blue was a really touching story.  Owly and Wormy try to befriend a blue bird, but he keeps chasing them off.  They even destroy their cart in an effort to make the bluebird and his family a new home.  This was a kind of sad story (with a happy ending though!) that I really, really liked.

The Owly series is adorable and I absolutely love it (I may even pick it up myself one day, I loved it that much!)  As I said before, there are very few words in these graphic novels, so people of all ages can enjoy them.

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