Friday, May 15, 2015

The Book of Jhereg: Yendi

So today I finished Yendi, the second book in Steven Brust's Book of JheregYendi was a rather interesting read, especially since, in terms of publication, Yendi is the second book.  You see, it actually takes place before Jhereg.  So this is the book that shows you the first time Vlad died and was revivified.  It also shows you how he met his wife, Cawti (who he is already married to in Jhereg).  It also shows us why he decided to make the best spy network.

It was also a little weird to read Yendi after some of the revelations that came in Jhereg.  Particularly concerning how the souls of the Dragaeran work (and Vlad's soul in particular). 

But anyway, Yendi is the story of how Vlad became more of a power in his city's underworld/mafia.  He has worked his way up as a sort of mafia boss, controlling a small territory.  Things have been going really smoothly for the last little while.  But then one of his neighbours, Laris, decides to move in. 

And unfortunately for Vlad, Laris is well connected and seems to know everything about the Easterner.  While Vlad knows basically nothing about Laris.

And many of Vlad's friends cannot really help him.  The Dragonlords Morroland and Aliera cannot get involved directly in the affairs of the Jhereg (particularly in a Jhereg/Jhereg war).  Sethra seems to have a similar issue (although I'm honestly not sure if she's a Dragonlord or a Dzur Hero, and what exactly the difference is).  But when Vlad is attached by the famous assassins, the Sword of the Jhereg and the Dagger of the Jhereg, he's going to need all the help he can get! 

Especially when he finds himself falling love with one of them.

But everything is not what is seems.  What looks like a simple grab for more power and territory starts becoming a crazy plot that spans centuries.  A plot that only a Yendi could conceive of.

Once again, I found myself loving Brust's writing.  The story of Vlad Taltos is a lot of fun, and I'm super glad I've got more to go!

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