Friday, June 20, 2008

Minneapolis Time!

First of all, I'd like to apologize...this post is similar to the one I just made on the Read 'Em and Eat blog....but I'm going into a more detail here because all four are on the List. Whenever posts are similar on the two blogs, there will be more detail here.

I'm headed to Minneapolis tomorrow morning and I was able to decide on only 4 books to bring with me. Usually I bring way more with me than I have time to read, and I'm sure this is no exception, but I'm proud at being able to limit myself to only 4....(although I'm sure I'll pick up one or two while shopping.....)

First I chose to bring Michael Crichton's "Next." I started reading "Next" about a week ago but haven't had much time to finish it; hopefully somewhere in my travels over the next few days I can remedy that. I have read only one other Michael Crichton book in the past ("Timeline") and it was good stuff, and so far "Next" hasn't disappointed me! I can't really tell what exactly the overarching plot is at this point, but "Next" has to do with genetics, monkeys, and the controversies genetics are bringing up (such as who owns your tissue?). It's very interesting, and I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

The second book was also an easy decision: "If I Were an Evil Overlord" edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis. I've been reading this short story collection off and on for the last few months and it's a great read! I think my favourite story so far was the first one, but there was one I read recently that was also awesome. I'm about half way through it right now, but I don't mind if I don't finish it; I like anthologies for when I'm in school because I can read an entire story without taking TOO much time away from my studies. (I have a hard time putting a book down if I'm too into it - especially if the chapter ends on a cliff-hanger!) Most likely I'll be finishing this book in September, after school starts, but I've been bringing it to work lately, so I figured I'd bring it with me this weekend, too.

The final two books I decided to bring on a whim: "Starcraft Ghost: Nova" by Keith R. A. DeCandido, and "Lamb" by Christopher Moore. I've read most of the Starcraft books that are out (not "Nova" or the new Dark Templar trilogy; the Dark Templar trilogy is only on book 2, so I'll pick them up and read them once book 3 is out), and most of them have been really good. Actually, out of the four I have read so far, I found "Liberty's Crusade" and "Queen of the Blades" amazing (well, because I like Starcraft); this surprised me because they follow the game really closely and I thought it wouldn't be fun to read what you've already played. Wow was I wrong! They added more detail and were spectacular reads! Only one ("Shadow of the Xel Naga") was bad because it seemed to be written by people who had never played the game before. I'm hoping "Nova" will fall into the former category and not the latter.

My aunt really recommends "Lamb," saying it is a hilarious read. I figure I could use a good laugh. "Lamb" tells the story of Jesus from the perspective of Biff, his childhood best friend. It sounds like it will be a neat take on the gospel, and judging from the titles and covers of some of his other work (I haven't read anything by Moore yet), I'm in for a great time!

I'm not sure which of these latter two I will be reading after I finish Next, but at least I'll have a bit of choice while I'm away!

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