Sunday, November 30, 2008

Batman Secrets

Batman: Secrets was one of the graphic novels I bought while I was in Toronto. I bought it on a whim because it sounded really interesting. It also featured some really cool looking artwork of the Joker, which helped me decide to buy it.
Secrets is, obviously, about the secrets that everyone has, those secrets that you think could destroy you, but in reality might not be as big as you think they are. It starts when the Joker is released from Gotham and meets with Batman. The Joker kills the DA who let him go, and while Batman is wrestling the gun from his hands, their fight is photographed by a couple. One of the pictures looks like Batman was threatening the Joker with a gun. The photo gets released to the media, casting a lot of doubt on Batman. The Joker then decides this is fantastic, and goes out of his way to make Batman look like he is no longer the good guy.
As I said, some of the artwork is fantastic. I wasn't fond of how Batman looked in a lot of the pictures, but the Joker looked fantastic. Overall, this was a quick read, a rather interesting story that is worth picking up.

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