Monday, February 20, 2012

List Update

This really isn't much of an update. I got rid of a couple of books I hung onto but don't think I'm going to reread ever. To that end, I also discovered that I had two copies of Legends 2. I thought I'd gotten rid of the first one a long time ago, so I rebought it to read a story. Apparently the first copy was on my shelf the entire time. I'm keeping the first copy. I was also thinking of getting rid of the Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy, but I'm pretty sure there's a Neil Gaiman story I want to read first. I think I'll do that tomorrow and get rid of that book, too.

After reading Life As I Blow It, I've decided I'm going to read through some of my books before I read anything else, with the one exception being another graphic novel the same friend who lent me Star Wars Tales Volumes 3 and 5 lent me. This other graphic novel is a Batman story, so I'm excited about that. I'd also like to get his graphic novels back to him. :)

But yeah, I have 134 books currently on the List that need reading (although that number may go down because I may be removing a few like the aforementioned Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy). And I've also decided I'm going to read some of the books I have no intention of keeping once I've read them. These are books like The Help, Twenties Girl and The Lovely Bones. They're all things I'd really like to read, and once I do I can free up some shelf space for the things I really want to keep. Like my Terry Brooks.

I do have a few other library books out right now though. And I wanted to read two of them before writing an article for work. So I may have to wait until I read them before I keep my resolution to only read my books. So as of right now, I will not take any new library books out until I at least read some of my own!

I guess this ended up a longer update than I originally thought it would be!

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