Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reading Reader's Digest

So over the last while I've been reading some Reader's Digests.  I've had a subscription for about a year and a half now, which has been piling up.  I managed to get through four of them (December 2012, February 2013, March 2013 and April 2013) and am now half way through the June 2012 issue.  Unfortunately, I still have quite a few to read through and I am losing interest in them.  So I'll probably be taking a break after I finish the June 2012 one to go read something else.

I find that a lot of the articles seem to go on a bit too long; a lot of times I might be interested in something but not to the depth the articles go into.  That being said, I've read about some pretty interesting things.  For example, I hadn't even heard of the Northern Gateway project ("The $273 Billion Question" from February 2013), which sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.  Or that Canada was working on robots to care for people ("Love Machine" from March 2013).  I didn't think the December 2012 issue was anything special, but it did have a really moving story reprinted from 1985 (I found it here as well) and a story that made me chuckle.  All in all there have ben some good stories and I'm looking forward to reading more.  Just not right away.

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