Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Boy from the Sun

I absolutely love this book! I think it is an extremely fun, rather trippy book that is about the power and fun of the imagination. I recommend it to everyone who has children, or takes care of children. It is simple, but it is fun.
It has also won the Governor General's Award, as well as a second award where children were the jury (I am blanking on the name). That means that both adults and children loved the book!
I first heard about the book last year in my second year Children's Lit class (I am now in the 3rd year class). Our professor read it to us one day when we were covering picture books. I fell in love with the book then! So I was extremely excited to find it on this year's course list - it meant I would be able to own a copy! :)
Duncan Weller came to my Children's Lit class today to talk about all three of his published books ("Night Wall" and "Space Snake" as well as "The Boy From the Sun"). He was a lot of fun listening to. He's worked incredibly hard on all of his books, and I really wish him all the best with his future endevors! (I'm also hoping to pick up copies of his other work when I can!)
Check out his website here!

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