Thursday, January 2, 2014

If Tomorrow Comes

If Tomorrow Comes is both my last book of 2013 and first book of 2014. I originally started reading it with the thought of doing a book review on it for work; unfortunately I found the book rather unsuitable due to some of the subject matter.

If Tomorrow Comes is the story of Tracy Whitney. She is going to be married to a wealthy man and is having his baby. But then she is framed for stealing a mafia man's painting and sent to jail.

I honestly thought that the book was going to be all about her getting free and then getting her revenge. So I was quite surprised to find that story arc was finished half way through the book. It took me a long time to actually read the second half of the book because the story, in my mind, was over.

But luckily I did keep reading. And the second half of the book was awesome!

Now that Tracy has gotten her revenge, she wanted to go back to her normal life. But that proved impossible thanks to her criminal record; everyone believed she would steal some more. Out of desperation, Tracy takes a job from someone that actually involves stealing jewellery, thus starting her exciting new life of conning people. 

While I'm glad I read If Tomorrow Comes, it wasn't my favourite Sheldon book. Tracy was an interesting character, and the second half was super good. I definitely recommend this if you can make it through the rather horrible events of the beginning chapters.

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