Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Swimming Lessons

I got an advanced reading copy of Claire Fuller's Swimming Lessons, which is due out at the beginning of February.  I thought it was really cool to get an advanced reading copy, and really wanted to make a point of reading it prior to its release date.

Since I'm writing this almost a month before the book is released, I'm going to hide my plot synopsis with a spoiler button because I am going to go into quite a bit of detail:

So that's Swimming Lessons.

This was the first book I've ever read by Claire Fuller, and I have to say, I found it very, very hard to put down. I found Ingrid's letters fascinating and I was almost always sad that I had to get through a chapter of Flora before getting back to the letters.  I say almost always, because near the end I started to see parallels between the two stories, which started to make me more interested in Flora's story; I was looking to see what connections I could make between the two texts.

It's stupidly late, so I'm not going to write anything more about this at the moment.  As I said, I really, really liked this book and had a hard time putting it down every night. Fuller had beautiful prose, and Ingrid was so very alive despite not being physically there in the book.  I know that some people (like my mom) may not like the subject matter (because it deals with adultery), but if that doesn't bother you (or can get past that), this is a very interesting book that I think is well worth the read.

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