Thursday, January 22, 2009

Batman: Hush Volume 1

I bought this graphic novel at HMV of all places, along with volume two. I was originally going to buy them both before Christmas, but I ended up waiting until afterwards to buy them.
I've been meaning to read it before today, but with school being a bit heavier this term, today was my first chance. And after having read Batman: Hush Volume 1, I can only say that I should have read it sooner!
Hush Volume 1 opens with Batman trying to save a little boy from Killer Croc. But it quickly becomes obvious that the kidnapping was not planned by Croc; it isn't his style. When Catwoman appears on scene to steal the ransom money from Croc, Batman knows something major is up; Catwoman had left Gotham sometime before to try her hand on the right side of the law. It turns out that Poison Ivy is behind the whole thing, as no man or woman can resist her.
Ivy gets away, and Catwoman comes looking for Batman. While telling him that she wants to get her hands on Ivy, Batman and Catwoman kiss. And in that kiss comes many possibilities; as Catwoman says on page 78: "Easy boy. You play your cards right and . . .there will be plenty more where that came from." And so the rest of the graphic novel is coloured by the possibility that a romance finally will build between Batman and Catwoman.
This was a fantastic read. I read it in about a half hour. It is very intriguing, and now I can't wait to read Volume 2!

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