Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A List Update

Today I decided that enough was enough: I'm cleaning up the List! At the last count I had over 170 novels to read, which realistically would take me over a year. Plus I want to read all of the newer ones I've bought, not the random books I bought on a whim (mostly from the Library).

So I went through my room (mostly my closet), getting rid of both the books I no longer want to read and the books that I read awhile ago and hung onto (but now don't want to reread). I don't know how many books I am getting rid of in total, but I am reducing the List by 46 books.

In case you're curious, here are the titles I am getting rid of:

The Jester
Preludes Volume 1 Darkness and Light
Preludes Volume 2 Kendermore
Preludes Volume 3 Brothers Majere
Heroes Volume 1 The Legend of Huma
Heroes Volume 2 Stormblade
Heroes Volume 3 Weasel's Luck
Demon Lord of Karanda
Queen of Sorcery
Magician's Gambit
Castle of Wizardry
Enchanter's Endgame
Changing Planes
The Cursed
One Hundred and One Ways
The Tower of Beowulf
The Spiral Dance
The SFWA European Hall of Fame
The Dark Beyond the Stars
Alien Chronicles: The Golden Ones
Emperor the Death of Kings
A Plague of Angels
The Death Gate Cycle Volume 1: Dragon Wing
The Shattered Chain
The Genesis Quest
The Tragedy of the Moon
The Left Hand of Darkness
Witch Hill
Sleep With Evil
London Fields
The Mists of Avalon
Lady of Avalon
The Way the Crow Flies
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
The Doomsday Conspiracy
Mr. Murder
The Deep End
Jurassic Park
Are You Afraid of the Dark
Ford County
Year's Best Fantasy 5
Year's Best Fantasy 6
30th Anniversary DAW
Best New Fantasy

By getting rid of these books, the List is now down to 132 books. While this is still a lot, the number is now a lot more manageable. And now it's full of books I actually want to read.

Between you and me, there are still some books I could probably let go of. If push comes to shove then I will. But for now, I'll hang onto them in the hopes that I read them. I feel better already in getting rid of just this much clutter!

I'm planning on donating these books to the Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline Program. Normally I would trade them at a used book store for more books. But I think I need to actually get through some of the stuff I have right now.

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Shauna said...

I decided to get rid of two more books, The Verdant Passage and the Magic Novel Final Sacrifice. I've had Final Sacrifice for years now. I tried reading it but got bored. I've been telling myself for probably over a decade now that I would eventually read it. I've finally admitted to myself that I won't because I really don't care. So off it goes to charity! :)