Saturday, May 17, 2014


A friend of mine told me I should read Hannah Moskowitz's Teeth quite awhile ago.  According to her, Teeth was one of her favourite books of 2013.  I finally got around to reading it (in its entirety today.  And wow, she was right: Teeth was an amazing read!

Rudy's little brother has cystic fibrosis.  In an effort to cure him, Rudy's parents have moved their family to a little island where eating the fish is purported to cure anything.  While a diet of fish seems to be doing his brother wonders, Rudy finds himself growing lonelier and lonelier on an island full of adults.  But then he meets Diana, the only other teenager who lives on the island, and Teeth, the half-human, half-fish secret of the island.

Slowly, Rudy starts spending more and more time with Teeth.  He's frightened by how he feels while hanging out with the fish-boy, because no one has made him feel this way.  Yet Teeth has dedicated his life to saving the island's fish from the fishermen.  As Rudy finds out, loving Teeth may mean sacrificing his brother's life.

Teeth was an absolutely fantastic read.  I am so glad my friend recommended it to me!

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