*As of September 24/15, I am not taking any more requests from authors to read their books.  I currently have too many books to read.*

Because I love reading and read quite a lot, I started this blog to keep track of everything that I read.  What I have called "The List" is an actual paper list I have with all the titles of the fiction books that are currently sitting around on my shelves waiting to be read.  "The List" does not include nonfiction books or library books, which is why these books are designated as such in the post titles.  I also do not include the books on my Kindle as part of "The List" at this time.

Prior to April 2014, I tried to avoid giving spoilers.  But as of April 12/14 (with a few exceptions), I am no longer adding the *spoiler* warning when I'm giving away details of books. I'm going to talk about the books I've read in whatever detail I'd like. So if you haven't read a book I'm reviewing, you might not want to read the review.

I obtained my MA in English a few years ago.  Most of the books labelled "school book" were read during that time, but some of those books were read prior to starting that degree.  For the foreseeable future there will not be any more "school books."  :)