Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've had a few people ask me over the last year or so to join Goodreads. I could never be bothered with it though. I have this blog, which works for me just fine, as well as my actual physical list of books to read. But today at work, someone showed me exactly how the site works and I decided to give it a shot. So I've spent way more time than I should have adding books to my Goodreads shelves. And somewhere along the way, I decided to put all the books on my physical list on Goodreads. So for the first time ever, if you want to know what's on my List, you can check it out here!

I have to warn you though, I don't know how often I'm going to be updating Goodreads. And I have no intention of reviewing books there; all my reviews will be done here. I should also put out the disclaimer that many of the books I rated were books I read prior to starting this blog. So I don't know how accurate my ratings of them are (this includes most of the Mercedes Lackey and Terry Brooks that are rated. I remember liking them, but the ratings may not be completely accurate on all of them).

I've gone through The List and updated Goodreads to have pretty much everything I've talked about on here. I've also got shelves set up for the school books I read, the books I originally got from the library, YA and Kids books I've read over the years, anthologies, short story collections (a book of short stories all by one author), plays and Kindle books. I won't list all the individual shelves here; you can find them all on my Goodreads page!

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