Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Art of Selling Yourself: The Simple Step-by-Step Process for Success in Business and Life

I took Adam Riccoboni and Daniel Callaghan's The Art of Selling Yourself: the Simple Step-by-Step Process for Success in Business and Life out from the library a few weeks ago; I need to fix up a website and some profiles, and I hoped their book would help me out. I finally started reading it after finishing If Tomorrow ComesThe Art of Selling Yourself is not a very long read, but it's not exactly a page-turner. I found I could only read a few chapters a night.

Since I haven't read many books on self promotion, I was hoping The Art of Selling Yourself would be a great introduction to the topic. In some ways it was: I found the book pretty easy to follow, and most of the lessons seemed to grow one from the other. But in other ways it wasn't: The Art of Selling Yourself only gives a surface-review on many of its points. There were times where the topic would be over and I was left wishing Riccoboni and Callaghan had gone into more depth. I found this especially true during some of the worksheet areas; I wish they had given me a better walk through of their processes.

One thing I really liked in the book were the case studies. At the end of each chapter, Riccoboni and Callaghan gave an example of a successful (and often famous) entrepreneur, showing how that entrepreneur used the strategies of the chapter. While I sometimes felt that the case studies didn't adequately showcase the chapter's strategies, these case studies were all very interesting to read. 

Overall, I'm glad to have read The Art of Selling Yourself. I'm not entirely sure how successful I'll be in applying all of their steps to my life, but I feel this was an okay introduction to the idea of selling myself to others outside of a networking event.

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