Wednesday, November 27, 2019

We Stand On Guard

The library just got this book in today.  It sounded interesting enough, (Canada and the United States are at war in the future) but what sold me was that Brian K. Vaughan, author of Saga, is the writer.

We Stand On Guard is the story of Amber, a girl who was separated from her brother and ends up joining a group of civilians-turned-rebels called Two-Four.  Two-Four is hiding out in the Canadian North, attacking unmanned fighters the United States has sent against Canada as they have annexed more and more of the North.  

Unfortunately I don't really have a lot to say about it.  I didn't really have a sense of any of the characters as people - I didn't sympathize with any of them, or even really care about any of them when it came right down to it.  To make matters worse, when I finished reading the book, I immediately went looking to see if there was any more because the story didn't feel over (it actually kind of felt like not much had happened, even though the story of these particular characters was pretty much over; yet the overall story of the war was not). 

So while We Stand On Guard had an interesting premise, it wasn't really worth the read. :(

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