Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Library Book: The Demon Lover

Juliet Dark's The Demon Lover was both my last book of 2012 and my first book of 2013; I started it on Saturday and just finished it now. I decided to read it because a friend of mine at work found a blurb about the second book (The Water Witch) and from there found this first book in the series. It sounded intriguing so I gave it a shot.

From the title (and how the library classified it as romance), I was a bit worried The Demon Lover would be like some of the Laurell K. Hamilton books I've read, where the story gets sidelined by all the sex (I'm looking at you, Merry Gentry). Luckily that wasn't the case! Sure, there's sex (what do you expect in a tale about an incubus?) but also a great storyline. Cailleach McFay (Callie for short) is hired as a professor at Fairwick University. Callie has long had dreams of a shadow coming into her room and having amazing sex with her after taking the shape of a human man. But after working at Fairwick, she makes the discovery that the mysterious stranger isn't a dream: he's an incubus, and he will kill her if she continues to let him in.

I found the story a tad predictable, particularly in the later parts, but I still really enjoyed reading it. The characters were fun and I liked the entire idea of the town being on the last doorway to faerie. If you're looking for a quick and fun read, definitely give The Demon Lover a try!

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