Thursday, November 19, 2015

Victor's Legacy: First of the Forsaken

What if Victor Frankenstein's monster survived into the zombie apocalypse and became a badass monster fighter? That's the question Matthew Jowett, Andrew Sookram, and Chris "Merk" Merkley set out to answer in Victor's Legacy: First of the Forsaken Book One. William, Frankenstein's monster has been providing for a village of survivors while remaining aloof from them; he knows what happens whenever humans encounter him. But when a new breed of zombies destroys "his" village, he seeks the road and a new destination. He falls in with Angel Eyes' crew of bikers when he saves one of them from the new zombies. After initially wanting to kill him for looking like a zombie, Angel Eyes agrees to keep him when William convinces them he can move through the zombies unharmed.

Unfortunately for the entire crew, Angel Eyes becomes more and more power hungry and mad, ordering them to attack and steal from (or possibly kill) innocents. And so William is left to either follow Angel Eyes into madness or betray the only real family he has ever had.
Merk's art brilliantly brings William's tale to life. I'm definitely going to have to check out the continuing adventure because I definitely want more!!!

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