Friday, February 26, 2016


I saw Groot at work the other day and thought it looked fun.  I read a page or so, but wasn't able to take it out at the time because someone else had it on hold.  I put my name on the list and got it today. 

Groot is a mostly solo adventure for everyone's favourite tree.  Groot talks rocket Raccoon into going to visit the Earth.  They take the slow way, starting out with hitchhiking.  They meet a multitude of interesting strangers on their way to Earth, which is largely fine until they meet a bounty hunter who wants the enormous bounty on Groot.  She captures Rocket Raccoon accidentally then decides to use him as bait to capture Groot, who she knows will come to save his friend (eventually!  He takes a rather long time to get there because Groot does things slowly). 

Groot encounters the Silver Surfer and goes with him and his friend, Dawn, to save a planet.  After parting ways with the Surfer, he encounters and befriends other people, who agree to come with him to save his friend.  This ends up a big misadventure where everyone almost dies, but he saves them all (and one of their new robot friends saves everyone in turn).

At this point, Rocket and Groot finally make it to Earth where they do all the things on their list (their friends told them things they should do, like listen to Starlord's favourite bands live, eat pizza and watch the best movie ever, and fight the strong super villains found there).  But really, Groot didn't come for these things, although he enjoys them.  With the help of the X-Men they party with, he manages to track down the girl who set him on his path years ago.  She's now an old woman, but she hasn't forgotten him.

Groot was a touching story about friendship.  It made me love that big-hearted tree so much.  Of course, it's also a fun adventure story too.  I loved every minute of this book!

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