Monday, February 10, 2020

Exit Strategy

So yeah....after finishing Rogue Protocol, I just kept reading, and managed to finish Exit Strategy, the fourth book in the series, thst same night, too (I'm just slow to post about it).  Exit Strategy picks up where Rogue Protocol left off: Murderbot is heading back to Mensah to deliver the files.  There's just one problem: Mensah seems to have disappeared.  And when Murderbot starts heading towards where she was last seen, they find themself dogged by a company who is trying to apprehend them, too.  A company hired by GrayCris who is hellbent on stopping Murderbot from revealing any secrets they may have uncovered while on Milu (everything that happened during Rogue Protocol).

While I didn't like Exit Strategy quite as much as the other three books in this series, I still thought it was super good!  I really liked how much Murderbot has grown.  And it was really fun to have them reacting with some of the characters we've met before in previous books (namely the humans from All Systems Red).  There were some absolutely hilarious lines in this book too (there are great lines in all of the books, but a few of them really stood out for me in Exit Strategy).

I'm also quite interested to see where the story will go from here in book 5.  As far as I could tell, the story is pretty much over by the end of Exit Strategy.  So we'll see in a few months I guess!

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