Friday, July 25, 2008

Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal

I wrote a review of Lamb by Christopher Moore on Monday on the Read 'Em and Eat 2008 blog ( On there, I said that I was enjoying the book, but I didn't like the modern story of Biff stuck in a hotel room with an angel, forced to write his version of the gospel. On further reflection, that's not true; it was the incident with the first wise-man that didn't really sit well with me. It was while I was reading this afternoon that I figured this out; the incident ended, and then I found myself really enjoying the book. The other two wise-men seemed to fit more with Jesus: a Buddhist monk and a wise-man from India. The first one had been a magi, and he seemed to teach Biff a bit more (like alchemy).

I found myself reading the afternoon away once Jesus and Biff moved on towards the second wise-man; I didn't want to put the book down! So it appears that Lamb just took quite awhile for me to really get into. My comments from the Read 'Em and Eat blog do hold up though: it was no non-stop laugh fest. But it was still rather funny, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who won't take it too seriously. As Christopher Moore says in the afterword, it is just a story, afterall.

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