Sunday, January 18, 2009

School Book: The Da Vinci Code

I first started reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code earlier in the week. I got about 30 pages into it at the time, and ended up stopping. Part of the reason that I stopped reading for a night was that I got my new iPod, and ended up playing with it. But the other reason was that the first part of the book is extremely choppy. It cuts back and forth between characters very quickly in odd places (you read about Robert Langdon for four pages, then go on to the albino monk Silas for a few, then back again).
So on Thursday night, I went back to The Da Vinci Code after I got home from school. And as I kept reading, I really got into the book, managing to get through 200 pages that night (it's a 500 page book). The book became less choppy, and started to get very intriguing.
Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor, is accused by the Paris police department of murdering the curator of the Louvre, Jacques Sauniere. Langdon ends up on the run with the help of the curator's granddaughter, Sophie, as they try to solve the clues left by Sauniere that lead to the most sought after treasure in history: the Holy Grail. Trying to stop them are the Paris police department, as well as the mysterious Teacher who has a murdering monk on their trail. The Da Vinci Code is a fast-paced adventure that will keep you on your toes, while challenging your mind to solve the puzzles along with Langon and Sophie. It is a well-thought out book that is definitely worth a read.

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