Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Serenity: Better Days

Last Monday, I wandered into Chapters with a friend. Looking around the graphic novel section, there was still only Serenity: Those Left Behind. And then I wandered back to Chapters on Sunday, and suddenly there was a new Serenity graphic novel on the shelf! I was really excited and bought it right away.
I have had Volume 1, Those Left Behind for quite awhile. I bought it when I first saw it in Chapters. It bridges the tv show and the movie, but it wasn't really spectacular.
Better Days was, overall, a better read than Those Left Behind. In Better Days, the Serenity crew finds themselves very rich. So a lot of the story revolves around the crew discussing what each individual member would do with their share of the money (River's was fantastic! I laughed so hard when I saw it!)
However, Better Days was not without problems. The end was a bit confusing. I read it twice, and I sort of get what Inara means now. But in my opinion, I really shouldn't have had to reread the ending at all! The other thing that I would have liked to know is where this story takes place in the whole scheme of things. Does it take place after the movie? Or before it?
Like I did say earlier though, Better Days was a better story than Those Left Behind. Overall, it is easier to follow, and has a lot more action in it. Better Days is a great new story featuring everyone's favourite spaceship and crew.

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