Thursday, January 22, 2009

Batman: Hush Volume 2

And like I knew it would happen when I finished Volume 1, I wasn't able to go to sleep until I had finished Batman: Hush Volume 2. Volume 2 was even more intriguing than Volume 1. At the end of Volume 1, you are presented with a hidden menace to Batman; a man who has a bandaged face, who is studying Batman's life. Volume 2 opens with Batman knowing there is someone out there, but not sure who. And so he continues to battle through the villians, playing the game of Hush.
In the meantime, Batman and Catwoman's relationship continues to evolve. Batman decides to trust her with his identity and with the location of the Batcave. But as more and more villians are revealed to be part of the game, Batman is left wondering whether he can trust her, or whether she is another piece in the game?
The revelation of who Hush is, as well as the stunning conclusion, make these two graphic novels an unforgettable experience for every Batman fan!

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