Tuesday, March 24, 2009

School Book: I Never Liked You

Take a deep breath - this is the last school book of the year! And as I do not know what will be happening next year yet, whether I will be taking English or Psychology, Chester Brown's I Never Liked You could conceivably be the last school book for a while! (I have no intention of writing on here about Psych texts).
So even with this exalted status, I Never Liked You managed to fall flat on its face. It's a comic about a boy named Chester (aka the author) growing up. And it really wasn't very good.
I Never Liked You is about Chester and the people in his life, especially girls. He's popular for some reason, but there's never really any explanation as to why. He's got girls crawling all over him, from Carrie, who always loved him, to Sky, the girl he claims to love. But he seems to lack the ability to really and truly care about them (even though he says he does).
So, while reading this, I quickly discovered that I had no sympathy for the main character at all. Truth be told, I couldn't stand him. He did whatever he wanted with no real regard for the people who cared about him. I'm glad it was a comic, as that meant I could read it quickly. And now I'll never have to read it again.

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