Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ever World: Inside the Illusion

After finishing Brave the Betrayal, the eighth book which was narrated by Jalil, I was expecting David to be the next narrator. But instead, Inside the Illusion is narrated by Senna. This is the first glimpse into Senna's mind, showing you what she's planning and how exactly she thinks. And truth be told, Senna is as cold-hearted as the others think she is. Her mother abandoned her when she was seven, a magical little girl left to learn by herself in Chicago's suburbs. Senna grew up knowing she was different, and rather than trying to fit in, she retained her differences, learning how to use her magic and more importantly how to use people.

After the gang's jaunt through Africa, they find themselves in Egypt. The Nile has been dammed by Dwarves. Sobek, God of Crocodiles, is trapped on one side of the dam, while Egypt is on the other. The group agree to smash through the dam and help him return home. Once in Egypt, they discover that the city has turned within itself. The gods and goddesses are practically dead, remaining almost asleep and immobile. And the city is now run by Amazons. And more importantly, Senna finds herself face to face with her mother, the woman she thought would be a powerful witch, but who turns out to be a self-centred, pathetic thing. Senna decides to use her mother as the gateway for the Coo-Hatch, but she neglected to think of what might happen if her mother refused. If her mother called Merlin....

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