Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Library Book: Justice Vol. 3

And so ends the Justice storyline in Justice Vol. 3. The Justice League has gathered their forces and are ready to strike; their goal is to save not only their loved ones, but the entire world.
Armed with suits of armor of varying types (alien, organic and mythic) to protect themselves from Brainiac's mind-controlling nanotechs, the heroes have but one chance to stop Brainaic from destroying the world. If they succeed, then no one will die. But if they fail...
Although a bit tough to follow in a few places, overall I enjoyed the whole Justice story. It was a very intriguing idea and I'm glad I read it. Again, I have to mention the artwork; it was fantastic throughout all three volumes. I still think the story was missing more of the Joker though. And even the Riddler, who seemed important in Volume 1, disappeared somewhere after escaping Arkham.
But all in all, Justice is worth reading. Or at the very least, it is worth getting a hold of just to marvel at the artwork!

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